Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Planes Trains & Automobiles....

£1 for 10 mins internet!!!

9:50 to go..

It' s been a while since I've updated..been a tad busy, so figure I'd update with everything thats been going on....how do i suddenly have the time.....well, i shall explain.

Since my last update, I've photographed an amazing wedding, my first Maxxis MXGB at Duns, a Burlesque night for the delightful Dixie's Dollhouse at "As You Like It" in jesmond (did i like it...oh yes i did), I've photographed numerous club events and practice days with some beauty results, sorted a new lovely shiny floor for my studio and found a van.....here, i explain, is how i have the time.


After months of looking, I finally found myself a little peach of a van, which unfortunately is in Newport, Wales. Now I have nothing against Newport in Wales except for its geographical location which is unfortunately...Frickin miles away!!! So, easy jet was booked to bristol, little train hop, pick up van...bomb back home..sweet. oh shouldn't type the word bomb, i'm in the airport.


Anyway, my lovely wife dragged us both up at 5am, this morning so that i would be ontime for my 7:30 flight to Bristol, which unfortunately has been delayed.. AN EASYJET FLIGHT DELAYED you say in suprise, they're usually cancelled. So now, i figured, I'd update my blog,... £1 for 10 mins internet..NIGHTMARE!

AGGHH Don't waste my seconds telling me theres 2 mins left..