Saturday, 19 December 2009

Safe return....

Well following on in a way from my last picture post,its a welcome back to the 2nd battalion the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. They were welcomed back with rapturous applause when marching through the Northumberland towns of Ashington and Morpeth, on December the 8th.

The Infantry battalion returned from a hard fought tour in Afghanistan and aswell as members of the public, Northumberlands Deputy Lord Lieutenant, Alan Shearer was among the crowd to cheer them on.

Enjoy.... and a quick thought for the Men and women who unfortunately won't be able to share a bit Turkey and wine with their families this christmas.


Monday, 7 December 2009

Bit of Neglect....

I have so neglected my blog lately, not that many people are following it :(.. but i shall be updating my blog soon.. with magazine covers, articles, photoshoots and other awesome stuff I've been upto... so ..speak soon!

Friday, 20 November 2009

We Shall Remember....

for those who may or may not know, I'm a current serving member of the TA and Ex-regular soldier, so like most military men and women, the beginning of November is very close to home as its the general time of Rememberence for those fallen, yet not forgotten.

Are our fighting men and women heroes, or just ordinary people doing extraordinary things..... rememberence shouldn't just be for those that have fallen but an opportunity sit and look at what our guys do and what they give up to do it.


Christmas is coming..

Well, i've been busy lately and with twitter, facebook and my own website, i've been struggling to keep ontop of my blog, so thought I'd best scribble something down.

Had a greatly bizarre shoot yesterday with some of the Go Wansbeck guys which went very well, hopefully see some of my work on the cover of a book which would be pretty awesome.

I've managed to land a follow up article in the local business magazine tracking how I'm getting on which is also pretty good, they've also asked me to do the cover photo aswell, which is local themed. Its hard to try and take pictures of specific yet non specific things as I've been discovering.

Oohhh also tried some night sky photography for the first time in aaaaagggges... will post my results soon, not very exciting though, trying to find somewhere properly dark is really difficult without driving out into the sticks.

Anyway...enough from me...speak soon

Thursday, 29 October 2009

New Website wooo hooo's!!!

Finally, the new is up and running. Feedback from the motocross guys is that it's 10x better than before, so happy days.
So if you want a peek at what I've been upto, get yourself there for a bit of a look.


Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Well, i've been a bit manic lately, so expect a few posts in the next day or so. Saturday saw my sister in laws to follow...Sunday saw me at my first MX competition which was pretty and post to follow... and finally, Last night I got a last minute call to cover a comedy gig for Punchdrunk comedy ( ) in Cramlington. The lineup included, Chris Ramsay as compere who was tremendous, A couple of noobs, Kai Humphries the organiser and last but by no means least, the very funny, yet a little bit wierd..Seymour Mase.

Here's some pics, hope you enjoy.


Monday, 28 September 2009

Lets get ready to ruuuuuuuuumble!!

Well, my portfolio is ever expanding. Saturday night saw my debut at fight night for Hybrid Kick Boxings, 'No retreat, No Surrender 6'. Well organised night with a very comical compere who seemed to struggle with names a little bit. A few technical issues, mainly my speedlite trying to roast batteries to boiling point meant pictures were a few pictures had to be binned, but still managed to get a good feel for the night caught on film.. Hope you enjoy...


Thursday, 10 September 2009

Early bird..

Thought I'd treat myself to an early start the other day, so the alarm went off and I was in the car by 06:30, camera bag in tow and off to the beach. The sea first thing in the morning is amazing, it's so quiet and noisy at the same time.

Anyway, the local beach at Blyth has seen a bit of investment in the last year or so with the introduction of a new prom type affair and some rather snazzy looking beach huts.

Hope you enjoy the pics..


Wednesday, 26 August 2009

So my studio is now working, and apart from the odd final little piece is totally usable. Its been a little bit of a slog but now its there. So with Motorcross well underway and weddings getting a bit of praise, I can now work open up to a little studio photography.

If anyone remembers the original pictures of the studio in its past life as a community centre IT room, its now looking slightly different.



Friday, 14 August 2009

Photo painting

I've been working with local artist Stephen Williamson to produce some prints of some of the great work he's done. He specialises in portraits and landscapes using acrylics and recently decided to turn hobby into some income.

Working with Stephen, I've been photographing and reprinting many works including, Warkworth, Alnmouth, Bambrough and of course our own little bay of Newbiggin.

You can find Stephen's work on show at the Newbiggin Arts Centre every Saturday between 10am & 4pm. (Sat Navvies punch in NE64 6PY).

Saturday, 1 August 2009

They don't make 'em like they used to....

Saturday unfortunately saw a bit too much rain for MX to go ahead, so I came across a sign saying "Vintage Rally" and thought, 'well why not'.

Here's a small selection of the rain soaked golden oldies from the glory days of transport.... Enjoy.

Friday, 31 July 2009

Hard as Nails...

Here's a new line of pictures I never thought i'd find myself in, but it appears that Nail Art and competitions are taken very very seriously. I would have posted these pics sooner but as its so competitive I had to wait until the contest in Jesmond was over.

Debbie came 2nd over all for her Egyptian theme which was part of the larger category of hot summer, and although they never placed (bit of shifty judging apparently haha) I still quite like them, and so does she which is the main thing... Anyway, here's some fine nail art for you to admire.

The smell of varnish has finally gone from my studio, nail technicians always smile like that, because they're high!!!

All about the little people..

The Facebook group is growing and growing, which is excellent.

The studio is finished so expect some leaflets coming through your door if you live near by.

Here's a couple of pics from my first kids sitting....never work with this many children and try and get them all to look the same way....... Jelly with a fork!!!


Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Carve hits Facebook

Yup, I've joined the revolution and you can now find Carve Photography on Facebook.

Feel free to join and comment as you see fit, if you're mean, I'll just delete it hehe.


Friday, 17 July 2009

Zombie Nation

Yup, Sunday 12th July saw Manchester city centre over run with the undead in an attempt to break the world record for the most zombies in one place..... unfortunately, the official headcount was 160 short of the 1200 and odd target. However, the police headcount put the undead numbers over 1500, which would have smashed the record but some people just came along for the fun and forgot to register.

October see's another attempt to break the record currently held by Nottingham.

Anyway, here's come pics of the gruesome event, hope you enjoy them. Big thanks to Carl Whiteley the organiser who did a great job and also invited me down to be his photographer and a big shout to my mate Andy who let me stay at his house to save a few sheckles.

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

New look website

The whole process of getting a new website is taking alot longer than anticipated, so thanks to an Adobe 30 day free trial, I've managed to update my website once more and give it a new look. Have a peek, hope you like it. I'll keep updating it as and when I can until the new one comes along.



Monday, 22 June 2009

Double page spread!!

Thanks to the kind people at GO Wansbeck, I've had the lucky opportunity to promote myself and new venture in the Wansbeck Business magazine. Not only did they do the double page spread, but they used one of my pics (not my favourite of all time) for the front cover, so....CHEERS LUKE & PAULA!

Don't forget if you want to see any of my work, you can always pop down to the Newbiggin Arts Centre (NE64 6PY for gadget chimps) and have a peek at my work and some of the other local talent on offer.



What a lovely suprise this morning when I checked my bank and it was full of lovely funding!!!! Watch this very imminent space for Carve Photography flyers coming through your doors.


Friday, 19 June 2009

I don't do politics.....

I just happened to be strolling through Newcastle earlier and came across a demonstration against the newly re-elected Iranian I don't do politics...but I do do pictures.


Saturday, 6 June 2009

Summer sunshine and niceness..

Well, first off, the floor is finally down in my studio after a small drama with a water pipe from the central heating and a gas pipe.

On the way home today, couldn't resist stopping and snapping a quick picture of a simple yet nice scene just outside Newbiggin-by-the-sea.


Monday, 1 June 2009

Cash in the Bank!!!!

Weh hey.... Thanks to Business Link and GO Wansbeck, my application for start up funding has been approved, which is a MAHOOOOSIVE step towards me being setup properly. Fingers crossed and all going well, I'll be running properly and trading as lil'ol me by the end of whats turning out to be a sunny June.

Keep your eyes peeled for me cropping up at an event near you.


Monday, 25 May 2009

Oh dusty....

Hi all,

Another visit to the track yesterday has left my camera caked in dust, but still, managed some good pictures. Here's a little sample once more. Cheers to the lunatics hurtling around the track, without you lot givin it some, there's be nothing to take pictures of. Enjoy.


Thursday, 21 May 2009

Woo hoo

Well, my funding applications gone in, so fingers crossed a new set of lenses and a smart shiney D700 are heading my way soon.

Thanks to a bit of work and cash from myself and a few helping hands, my studio is well on its way to being usable, just some flooring required (roll on the bank holiday sales).

Back at the MX track this weekend to see whats happening and see if the guys liked the pics from last week.

I've managed to get myself a full pager in the local business magazine aswell as supplying an image for the front cover, so things are well on the up.

More posts to come I'm sure...

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Hello Moto...

Quick update...

Studio is all plastered, which is nice and now well on its way to being painted.

Spent a few hours this fine sunday morning at PJMX at West Sleekburn watching a bit of MotoX. See what you think...