Sunday, 2 May 2010

Maxxis MXGB Round 2 - Duns

Well...I finally got my first media pass...which came with a free green jacket with 'MEDIA' written on the back. (i felt so powerful haha).

Round 3 of the ACU Maxxis British MX kicked off earlier today with some great racing from all MX1, MX2 and support riders to make my first pro event a very good one indeed.

Current Champ and 'Local' boy (1.5 hr drive local) Brad Anderson #1 raced an absolute stormer in the 3rd race of the day riding on the very limit to crawl back after a bad start to finish 3rd behind Stephn Sword #71 , but even with a win in the first race could only manage 3rd over all behind Swordy and Bobryshev #777 finishing 1st.

Enjoy the pics :D