Sunday, 25 April 2010

Whitby Awesomeness..

Well, today was my first trip to Whitby MX track...and what a track!!!!

Pics up on the web soon..


Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The Rose At Rowley

The weekend just gone saw Whiterose Motorcross Club back at Rowley. Unlike NEMXC a couple of weeks before, the track had dried out nicely with a few ruts and braking bumps keeping the riders on their toes.

No luck on the bike front from both Ash Harland (#292) and Barry Turnbull (#252)saw them dipping in and out of races for various reasons, with Ash admitting defeat and missing the last heat where Turnbull finally got it sorted winning by nearly 40 seconds.

Overall experts winner Michael Ogden riding #23 took the opportunity to close in on Harland in the overall championship.

Experts Finished

#23 Michael Ogden
#14 Rich Stevenson
#131 Richie Collins
#252 Barry Turnbull

Check it race report and pics... you are truly spoiled!!!


Thursday, 8 April 2010

WRMXC hit Finningley

WRMXC made the trip down to Doncaster Motor Park at Finningley. Top awards from the track stewards who had it in tip top condition, despite apparently needing 100 tonnes more sand which would make it rival Normandy beach...but still, excellent days racing.

Whiterose move to Rowley, Co Durham this weekend.


Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Cheeky chaps..

Well...have ordered a few little bits and bobs to upgrade my studio stuff YEY!!

Had an hour spare the other day so took my two little mini-me's down to the studio to pick some stuff up and thought, while we're here, might aswell take some pics.

So after Charlie had ran into the spotty and Had knocked over a can of coke, we snapped a few and left before any serious damage was done.