Friday, 20 November 2009

We Shall Remember....

for those who may or may not know, I'm a current serving member of the TA and Ex-regular soldier, so like most military men and women, the beginning of November is very close to home as its the general time of Rememberence for those fallen, yet not forgotten.

Are our fighting men and women heroes, or just ordinary people doing extraordinary things..... rememberence shouldn't just be for those that have fallen but an opportunity sit and look at what our guys do and what they give up to do it.


Christmas is coming..

Well, i've been busy lately and with twitter, facebook and my own website, i've been struggling to keep ontop of my blog, so thought I'd best scribble something down.

Had a greatly bizarre shoot yesterday with some of the Go Wansbeck guys which went very well, hopefully see some of my work on the cover of a book which would be pretty awesome.

I've managed to land a follow up article in the local business magazine tracking how I'm getting on which is also pretty good, they've also asked me to do the cover photo aswell, which is local themed. Its hard to try and take pictures of specific yet non specific things as I've been discovering.

Oohhh also tried some night sky photography for the first time in aaaaagggges... will post my results soon, not very exciting though, trying to find somewhere properly dark is really difficult without driving out into the sticks.

Anyway...enough from me...speak soon