Friday, 31 July 2009

Hard as Nails...

Here's a new line of pictures I never thought i'd find myself in, but it appears that Nail Art and competitions are taken very very seriously. I would have posted these pics sooner but as its so competitive I had to wait until the contest in Jesmond was over.

Debbie came 2nd over all for her Egyptian theme which was part of the larger category of hot summer, and although they never placed (bit of shifty judging apparently haha) I still quite like them, and so does she which is the main thing... Anyway, here's some fine nail art for you to admire.

The smell of varnish has finally gone from my studio, nail technicians always smile like that, because they're high!!!

All about the little people..

The Facebook group is growing and growing, which is excellent.

The studio is finished so expect some leaflets coming through your door if you live near by.

Here's a couple of pics from my first kids sitting....never work with this many children and try and get them all to look the same way....... Jelly with a fork!!!


Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Carve hits Facebook

Yup, I've joined the revolution and you can now find Carve Photography on Facebook.

Feel free to join and comment as you see fit, if you're mean, I'll just delete it hehe.


Friday, 17 July 2009

Zombie Nation

Yup, Sunday 12th July saw Manchester city centre over run with the undead in an attempt to break the world record for the most zombies in one place..... unfortunately, the official headcount was 160 short of the 1200 and odd target. However, the police headcount put the undead numbers over 1500, which would have smashed the record but some people just came along for the fun and forgot to register.

October see's another attempt to break the record currently held by Nottingham.

Anyway, here's come pics of the gruesome event, hope you enjoy them. Big thanks to Carl Whiteley the organiser who did a great job and also invited me down to be his photographer and a big shout to my mate Andy who let me stay at his house to save a few sheckles.